Artist in Residency at Textílsetur Íslands

This past February I had the opportunity to take time to slow down, to travel and to invest in myself as an artist and a person as an Artist In Residence at Textílsetur Íslands, the Icelandic Textile Center in Blönduós, Iceland. It was my first time visiting Iceland and my first time doing an artist residency. I spent the month weaving on old Countermarch looms, cooking all of my meals, taking walks around town and have since decided I will love Iceland forever and that I want to approach my life as if it were one big artist residency.

I'm still processing all the magic that took place in Blönduós, but wanted to share some photos with you in the meantime. I hope you enjoy and that they inspire you to act on what's been pulling at your heart strings. Take seriously the taking care of yourself. 

Frame Looms by Jason Stumpf

Not much is better than working on projects with friends that you admire.  To teach weaving classes on tapestry looms made by my friend and master woodworker - Jason Stumpf - is a treat I enjoy every time I tell my students where their looms came from.  Lucky for us Jason works with some of the best hardwoods, which makes our looms both beautiful and built to last. 

In an effort to cut our consumption of materials, Jason makes the looms out of hardwood scraps he has left over from his fine woodworking projects.  Side secret - I grew up with a few of Jason's custom pieces in my parent's house!  Life is cool.

Check out Jason's work here and here.  

Purchase one of Jason's tapestry looms in my shop!. 

Natural Bundle Dyeing at Norse Studio

The perfect sendoff for our beloved summer months.  

An afternoon spent under the trees learning how to bundle dye with natural dye material at ceramic artist Lauren Shoemaker's Norse Studio - Thank you to all the women who came to learn, to play and to share what's going on in their lives.  

Car Camping in Chile

I understand why most people chose vacation over travel.  To travel is to give up control, to admit that you want more, to open yourself and your heart to new culture, new people and new landscapes.  The vulnerability that comes with stepping out in faith and making room for the unknown, potentially different plans for your life is pretty scary.  But so incredibly life giving. 

Each time I travel I realize how connected we are as humans, how broken we all are and how desperately we all want to know and be known by our surrounding communities, cultures, and landscapes.

A few weeks ago Doug and I flew to Santiago, turned an empty cargo van into a camper and headed south down the coast - bouncing inland and always finding our way back to the ocean.  Along the way we visited an Alpaca Farm owned by the sweetest Chilean woman, a beachfront skatepark Neverland, a coastal ranchero rodeo and some of the best campsites I've ever been to.  I'm most grateful for the fact that life is the same here, there and everywhere.